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Why YOU should build the routine of reading the Bible.

Life gets busy, we have all been thrown into the hustle of life. We have to navigate different schedules, maintain our own health and the health of our family – it can be overwhelming and redundant at the same time. There are essential things that must be done in order to sustain ourselves in this life, so why and how are we supposed to read a book that was written thousands of years ago?

My desire to read the bible came from the realization that I didn’t have a leg to stand on when people would question my faith, all I could really say was that Jesus saved me, and that’s why I loved him. I don’t believe that would stand up in court – my defense would be dismissed. People are hurting and blaming God and the church for that hurt, how can we speak to them about the love of God if we haven’t investigated the scriptures for ourselves? These people have valid questions that can easily offend us if we haven’t done the work to research the source of our belief. When we respond with an offensive spirit, we dimmish the opportunity to share Christ with a hurting world.

Since I have started the process of reading the bible every morning before my kids wake up, I have found incredible comfort and a deep longing in my spirit to keep learning the scriptures. The mornings have become a special time where I can start the day off right, with pure intentions and a connection with the Spirit that will hold me close no matter what comes my way.

Prior to this, I would only read the bible when I felt inspired to do so. I would rarely feel spiritually filled because I was simply trying to bank a few verses to feel good about the fact that I read my bible, my intentions were not pure.

Since reading my bible on a regular basis, I have felt more connected to God, I continue to learn about his character and his compassionate love for us, I have been comforted through the loss of my brother and the rejection of a friendship. I am eager to dig deeper and I continue to be reminded that God alone is the one that can meet us in the depths of our souls, the space that was created by him, for him.

If you have been struggling with finding the time to spend in Gods word, here are some suggestions to get you started:

1) Wake up early – I promise once you get your body into the routine you will long for this special time to spiritually charge yourself for the day.

2) Start by reading Proverbs – there are 31 which means you have one for every day of the month.

3) Pray – ask God to give you the desire to learn about him, to meet him in this time. He wants to share himself with you.

4) No excuses. Every spiritually mature person has had to be intentional with carving out the time to get to where they are, God doesn’t have favorites.

5) No shame – If you miss a day, you miss a day – life still happens. God looks at your heart and he will bless your intentions. Pick it up and start again tomorrow.

God delights in you, my friend. He desires to share himself with you and encourage you as you walk through the uncertainties of this life. He is the only one that can meet you in the depths of your longing, I encourage you to give him to space to fill your cup and revive your soul.

I love those who love me, and those who search for me find me.

Proverbs 8:17


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