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Pray for the Harvest

This last month I have been studying the book of Matthew. As I flip through the pages, soaking in verse by verse, I keep coming back to the same thought; everything that has come before is coming again. (much like the flood pants I've noticed have made a comeback!)

The current state of our world does seem, at times overwhelming and uncertain. But as I walk with Jesus through the accounts of his time on earth, I realize that just like now, people were disconnected and ultimately looking for reasons to separate themselves from the truth of God.

Take heart my friends, you are not alone - Christ has been exactly where we are now.

Though the year is 2023, the human condition hasn't changed!

Which brings me to ponder, why don't we pray more?

"Therefore, pray to the LORD of the harvest to send out workers into his harvest."

Matthew 9:38

The solution is easy -- but our minds fixate on the issues of today and forget the powerful tool we have been given in the midst of this broken world. Prayer.

As spring comes to life, the flowers begin to bloom and the depth of green washes over our landscape, I encourage you to be reminded that our God is faithful, he provides, and he desires us to participate in prayer with him.

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1 Comment

So true. The enemy is hard at work to separate us from God by distracting us with the issues of today. We need to keep our eyes on God , trusting Him and not allowing fear for tomorrow to overtake us .

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