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The void the world can never satisfy

As we walk through life we are faced with an abundance of both trials and victories. Some seen, some unseen. The people we walk with often don’t understand the burdens we carry even if we try to explain. We may face judgement; our voice can be misunderstood and our attempts to seek community may be tossed into the sea of bitterness.

At night when your head hits the pillow, you may try to explain to your spouse what happened during the day and how I feel about it. Or perhaps when you meet your friend for coffee, the words flow with emotion and release. But somehow, there is more under the surface that the human tongue cannot utter. That is the place created by God – for God. That void that the world can never satisfy.

That craving for connection within you was placed there by a God that passionately adores you and is longing for you. He is the only one that fill every dark memory with the light of his love for you, the only one that can redeem what the enemy set out to destroy. If you find yourself becoming frustrated that people are not understanding the words of your soul, may I remind you – they are a love language intended for the one who knit to together in your mothers’ womb.

God alone can understand the indecipherable words that linger under the surface, the grunts and groans of your spirit. He is the only one that can fill in those empty spaces with the weight of his love and light. Whether you are rejoicing or mourning. Carve out the time to rest in his embrace, to open your heart to the one that knows every word, every sound and every feeling that radiates within your existence. You will never feel alone on the path if you remember the one that will never depart from you, come trial or victory—his heart is for you.

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